Technical Background

MIL-STD- 461/462, Mil-STD-464, Mil-STD-810, MIL-E-6051, MIL-B-5087, etc.

Civilian Aerospace:
RTCA DO-160, Eurocae ED-14, SAE ARP-5583, SAE ARP-5412, SAE ARP-5413, SAE ARP-5414,
SAE ARP-5415, SAE ARP-5416, etc

FCC Part 15, EN 300386, EN 301489-1, IEC 61000, CISPR 22, etc.

The staff at Doughty E3 Technical Services Inc. have taken the following training courses from accredited universities or through workplace professional training programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Electrical from University of New Brunswick (UNB)
  • Essential EMC/EMI from UNB
  • Product Integrity from RC
  • Advanced Electromagnetic Theory from ISU
  • Spacecraft Systems Design from University of Southern California
  • Satellite Communications from UNB
  • EMI Basics from Rockwell Collins (RC)
  • Lab View Fundamentals from RC
  • Special Topics in Electromagnetics – EMC from ISU
  • Telemetry Systems from Arizona State University
  • Lightning Protection of Avionics from Lightning Technologies Inc (LTI)
  • Lightning Protection of Aircraft from LTI
  • Microwave Engineering from Iowa State University (ISU)
  • Antenna Design and Theory from University of Massachusetts –Amherst