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In today's electronics industry, everything is moving to smaller and faster. Higher clock speeds, tighter component placement and smaller circuit boards make electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) more difficult to achieve. By employing proper design and installation techniques, EMC can easily be achieved. Many companies do not have the dedicated Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) engineering staff, and that is where we come in.

Doughty E3 Technical Services is a full service E3 support provider. Our company exists to provide hands on solutions that will help solve your existing technical issues. Whether you are starting a new development and don't know where to start, or if you have an existing product that you want to upgrade Doughty E3 can help.

Douglas Doughty, NCE, P.Eng., the President and CEO of Doughty E3 Technical Services Inc., is a challenge-driven, internationally certified EMC Professional Engineer, with over two decades of diverse engineering experience in the aerospace, defence and electronics industries. His proven technical abilities will be put to use to help address your E3 issues.

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